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Hestaleigan Kátur - the Horse Rental in Akureyri
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Hestaleigan Kátur

Horse rental & riding school

Hestaleigan Kátur offers riding tours in Akureyri - North Iceland."Learning Icelandic - lesson No 1"

Kátur means Joyous

We also want to share the joy of riding with you. Kátur Horse Rental in Akureyri offers horse riding in Iceland. Come and join us on a  1-2 hour long guided  horse riding tour.  Families, groups or single travellers, everyone is welcome! We also offer custom made riding trips, tailored to your wishes. It doesn´t matter whether you are an experienced rider or not, we will find the right horse for you. Discover the stunning landscape around Akureyri on our gentle Icelandic horses. There is no such thing than experiencing Iceland while riding on a horse.

We are looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

The team of  Hestaleigan Kátur

Horse rental

In summer our riding trips start at the horse rental (see map below). Our horse riding tours go along the beautiful river called Eyjafjord. In winter we meet at the stabels just out of town (Sörlaskjól 603 Akureyri - see map below). Both locations are reachable within a 5-10 minutes drive from the center of Akureyri. Each riding tour will be accompanied by at least one guide. For our guests we provide helmets, safety stirrups and safety vest for small kids. Children who are younger than 13 years must be accompanied by an adult. We also offer pick ups from Akureyri which cost 1500 ISK p.p.

In winter we only offer one-hour-tours which need to be booked in advance.


  • · we offer custom made trips for groups, tailored to each group’s wishes
  • · discount for groups
  • · for kids: 1/2 hour of being led by rein for children 5000 ISK

Please note that it is not allowed to bring used riding equipment to Iceland

Any questions?


Telephone: +354 69 57 218

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To get directions in summer

please enter Hestaleigan Kátur on google maps or click on the following link:

Location in Winter

The address is Sörlaskól 6, 603 Akureyri or click on the following link:

Northern lights & night riding tours

Horse rental - Hestleigan Kátur in Akrueyri ( North Iceland)

The northern lights are the most famous natural sights in Iceland. Akureyri is in the far north of Iceland. So the winters here are darker and longer than in Reykjavik - the capital in the South of Iceland.  Our riding tours take place about 10 minutes out of Akureyri just below the skiing area. With our well-trained horses we ride in small groups into the darkness with view both over Akureyri and its fjord and over the mountains hoping to spot the northern lights during the ride.

  • · Departure: 8:30 pm (meeting time 8:15 pm) - prior booking essential
  • · Duration: 1 hour ride (please plan 2 hours for your whole tour)
  • · Group size: 2-6 spaces
  • · Costs: ISK 8000 p.p. (optional pick up for ISK 1500 p.p.)
  • · Booking: via email or phone +354 69 57 218 - the riding tour needs to be booked at least a few hours in advance
  • · Riding skills: beginner & experienced riders welcome - you will either be split up or only beginners / only experienced riders go together
  • · Meeting point: The stable can be found here: Sörlaskjól 6 603 Akureyri
  • · Physical fitness: kids have to be older than 5 years. The riders need to be able to mount a horse with only little assistance. Weight limit is 120 kg / 240 Lbs

Please note:
This tour is dependent on the weather as we don´t ride in heavy snow or wind. That would just not be fun for you. Unfortunately we can not guarantee northern lights. To help you find out how likely northern lights are going to be, you can use apps (see below) or check special websites. We can also just guess, as we are no weather experts :/ Nevertheless, if there are no Northern lighs, you will still have a stunning few and a great riding tour 😉

Aurora forecast:

You can use Aurora forecast to help you decide whether to book this tour or not- but don't rely 100% on them as this phenomenon is quite unpredictable. Northern lights can appear even on days with low activity and can be visible for a long period of a time (30 minutes up to hours) and sometimes only for a couple of minutes at a time.

Where to find the Aurora forcast:

Northern lights forcast App for Android

Northern light forcast App for iTunes

Find out more about Northern lights: Read more


Riding course

The riding courses are split into theoretical and practical teaching. Even if there are some theoretical teachings, the course mainly revolves around the practical element of horseback riding.  The emphasis is on each child gaining the skills and abilities needed to ride and control the horse.  Throughout the duration of the course, each child will use the same horse to better be able to form a bond with it. Participants are also allowed to bring their own horse to the course.  Our riding courses are split into different levels for different ages and experience.

Parts of the courses:

  • · gaining the skills and abilities needed to ride & control the horse
  • · learn about the horse’s main gaits
  • · study the basics of caring for it
  • · how to tack/rein up a horse - and lead it on a rein
  • · lots of fun 🙂

what you need to bring:

  • · packed lunch every day (except the last day)
  • · dress according to the weather


  • · safety first: all gear & setup is at the highest standard
  • · all saddlery: reins, bridles, saddles with safety stirrups
  • · helmets & safety vest come with CE certification
  • · BBQ one the final day with hot dogs and juice boxes
  • · certificate with picture of themselves with their course-horse

further Information

The course fees have to be paid ont the first daz of the course. If for some reason you need to cancel, you must do so with at least a week’s notice. Otherwise you will be charged a certain amount of the fee. Nevertheless we can also try to move the child participating into a different course.

Every child participating in the course must bring in a safety instruction form on the first day. That form should list pertinent information about the child and its care, and contact information of parents/guardians. Should something happen to the child during the course, that safety form and a staff member will escort the child to the hospital. All information will be treated in accordance with laws and regulations regarding personal information. Under no circumstances will these information be given to a third party.

Riding courses summer of 2017


These courses are for children aged 5-6. In a fole-group the children learn the basics of caring for horses and riding, as well as riding form and control.


These courses are for children, 7 or older, who are taking their first equestrian steps. In a pony-group the children learn the basics of caring for horses and riding, riding form and control. Additionally, they will be taught about the horse’s conformation and behaviour.

Riding horses:

These courses are for children aged 7 or older that have already learned the basics of riding. In this course the emphasis is on balance and that children manage to form a solid connection and trust with their horse. During the course the participants will also get to go on fun riding trips in the surrounding area.

Travel horses: 

This course is solely for children, 10 years or older, which are already experienced riders. In a travel horse group the emphasis is on taking long riding trips and how to look after the horse during such long trips. In these groups everyone brings their packed lunches on the trips and we eat it together out in nature.


Course Price

  • · Foles:  16.000 ISK
  • · Ponies:  20.000 ISK
  • · Riding horses:  20.000 ISK
  • · Travel horses:  20.000 ISK
  • All courses take place from 8 am til 12 pm


6th till 10th of June – Riding Horses – costs: 20.000kr
12,13,15,16. June  - Ponies – costs: 16.000kr
19, 21,22,23. June – Ponies – costs: 16.000kr
26th till 30th of June – Riding Horses  – costs: 20.000kr



4th till 7th of July – Fole – costs: 16.000kr
10th till 14th of July – Riding Horses/Traverl Horses – costs: 20.000kr


31st of July till 4th of August – Riding Horses/Ponies – costs: 20.000kr
14th till 18th of August – Travel Horses – costs: 20.000kr


Procedure & registration

Courses need to be paid up front and those children that want to attend courses at Katur Horse Rental need to bring a safety instruction form on the first day of the course. Otherwise, we can´t accept the children into the course. The safety instruction will be sent to you on request.

Course registrations:

If you have not received a confirmation of your registration within a week, please contact us again. Thank you 🙂

Horseback riding for handicapped people

Hestmanannafélagið Léttir and Hestaleigan Kátur offer a riding course for children and young people with disabilities. Teaching at Léttis Lögmannshlid (the riding club in Akureyri) the horse rides will usually be given once a week for a period of 5, 8 or 10 weeks. 3-5 students are in each course along with two riding instructors and volunteers who help students with different needs. There are horses for each and every ride, including a medically indicated sitting aid for severely disabled children and other equipment as needed.
The winter 2017-2018 offers three 10 week courses. One by the beginning of October to December and two after the New Year, January to March and March to May. Each course stars at 2 pm and goes for 1 hour.

Registration on

Course objectives:

  • · Having a great time together in a wonderful setting
  • · Learning to catch a horse and being around them without fear
  • · Getting to know the horses and studying the basic things bout taking care of them
  • · Learning the basics of riding according to the best of their ability
  • · Improving body awareness
  • · Enhancing the coordination of hand, foot and sensation
  • · Strengthening a leadership role in communicating with the horse

Our emphasis is placed on diversity and that all students get the most out of the course as needed


Course 1

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2. okt 3. okt 4. okt 5.okt 13. okt
9. okt 10. okt 11.okt 12. okt 20. okt
16. okt 17. okt 18. okt 19. okt 27. okt
23. okt 24. okt 25. otk. 26. okt 3. nóv
30. okt 31. okt 1. nóv 2. nóv 10. nóv
6. nóv 7. nóv 8. nóv 9. nóv 17. nóv
13. nóv 14. nóv 15. nóv 16. nóv 24. nóv
20. nóv 21. nóv 22. nóv 23. nóv 1. dec
27. nóv 28. nóv 29. nóv 30. nóv 8. dec
4. dec 5. dec 6.dec 7. dec 15. dec

Do you want to join us?

Volunteers are very important in this work and we look for people who are willing to give a little of their time to work with us at the courses. The only thing needed is a little time once a week, interest in human relations and positivity. If you want to be a volunteer or want more information send us a mail at


To the schools

We would like to check if your school is in partnership with us this winter. Hörðarnafélagið Hörður í Mosfellsbæ has been with students from primary and secondary schools in southern Iceland for several years in this wonderful project. Students will help to bring back and support subjects. In addition, students help prepare and finish. The time that students were in this job would be from 13:30 to 15:30. Students either get this job as a choice in elementary schools or receive modules for this job in secondary schools.


Baldur Rúnarsson

Baldur Rúnarsson

Firstly, there is Baldur Rúnarsson, who was born and raised in Hveragerði, Iceland. He has been riding horses ever since he was a kid, as well as working as a gardener, horse tamer, and a prison guard. He is educated as a prison guard, horse tamer and farrier.

    Inga Bára Ragnarsdóttir

    Inga Bára Ragnarsdóttir

    Inga Bára Ragnarsdóttir is born and raised on a farm in Eyjafjördur. She has been riding horses since she was a little girl, as well as having been involved in her parents’ horse breeding. She has worked in gardening, tourism, and teaching, and is educated as a kindergarten teacher.


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